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500+ images photos and pics of New Zealand and other places I've been. The main galleries are geographically sorted, NZ is in four galleries covered from the North Island to the Deep South. The wonders of Central Otago, the Maniototo and the Mackenzie country feature in the Central South gallery. The rest of the south gallery covers east, west, and north of the South Island. Overseas living and travels are represented in the Australia, India, and England galleries. The Jacks gallery is a bunch of my own visuals. More images will be added as time allows, especially more from my B/W oeuvre, and animated/interactive 21st century images are on the drawing board. If you see something you want to use you can read my terms on the Hello page.


During the winter of 2005 I embarked on a driving and tramping tour of the New Zealand's Glorious South Island. I have written a travelogue of these travels along some of our most famous tracks including the Heaphy and Routeburn. The highlight was a circumnavigation of New Zealand's third isle, Stewart Island, through it's recently created Rakiura National Park.

My exploration of the Jack Lexicon lead to the creation of the Jackulator, a machine that spouts forth the extensive use of the word Jack from famous Jacks to Jack phrases and Jack meanings.


Part of the raison d'etre of this site (or at least a useful side effect) is the chance to explore new technologies and play around with web design and development. You can choose between three skins/styles when browsing this site depending on your personal preferences.

Geek Speak

This website exists to publish personal content to the interweb. The production of the site has been an exercise in moving towards standards compliance web design.
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This site (on the whole) complies with the practices of web standards as I have come to understand them: validating semantic markup, separation of content and style, backwards compatibility and progressive enhancement. In lay terms the site strives for the utopian ideal of looking the same no matter what browser or which platform you are viewing it from. I develop on Windows in Mozilla/IE6/Opera 9, and periodically visit a friend to check it on Mac-Safari.

I have sourced geeks from all over, I'll single out two books that have shaped the final production of this site:
CSS Mastery by
Andy Budd
DOM Scripting by
Jeremy Keith
And the web developer
tool bar for Mozilla is indispensable.

Due to the hours that I have wasted due to non-compliance of standards by IE6 I would like everyone to get a modern browser.

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